Night Wolf #1 Cover B

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Rodney Marcelli, a small town high school senior from a wealthy family, had everything a teenage boy could want; popularity, a beautiful girlfriend, and a full-ride football scholarship to Keystone State University. But as his eighteenth birthday draws near Rodney is haunted by nightmares of ghoulish creatures and visions of losing his loved ones. During his waking life, Rodney starts to notice elements of his nightmares are coming true as vampires, werewolves, witches, and demons start to invade his sleepy little town.

Story, Script, & Letters By: Robert A. Multari
Line Art By: Oscar Choquecota Ale & Carlos Herrara
Colors By: Ross A. Campbell & Carlos Herrara
Editing: Ryan Rotuna

Standard Comic with Full Spread Cover
Full Color
Page Count: 24

25 in stock

3 reviews for Night Wolf #1 Cover B

  1. Kit

    Was a little confusing, some of the characters coming out of left field. Does leave you wanting more, however, which is good I think. The art is gorgeous, the writing draws you in.
    Was actually quite miffed when I hit the last page, lol Wasn’t enough story, but that’s just my opinion, and I’m biased. Overall very well done :}

  2. Einar Petersen

    A promise of ominous mischief and fantastic heroism.

    The start of a modern day Werewolf tale that traces back into a dark past. The ominously colored cover invites the reader inside and it jumps straight into a nightmarish scenario complete with creatures of the night. If I was to describe the first chapter in just a few words it would be “A promise of ominous mischief and fantastic heroism”, Nightwolf looks like the promising start of a series where we follow our protagonist discover themselves and the role they play in the grander scheme of things. It is a property filled with characters of dark and light, with names known and unknown. Once the forces of good and evil are truly unleashed it will be an epic battle indeed. If this one makes its way to your comic book store you definitely need to give it a chance.

    Einar Petersen

  3. Steven Beltzer

    Extremely well written and absolutely amazing artwork! I definitely want to add this series to my comic collection.

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