Night Wolf #4 Digital

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After fending off a horde of vampires and werewolves, Rodney Marcelli and Snow Paw flee to escape the FBI Special Investigation Agents, who have come to investigate the scene. While hiding in the dense woods behind Rodney’s family’s home, Snow Paw tells him of their Monoki werewolf heritage. Snow Paw concludes that Rodney is unlike all other members of their breed. Then without warning, the supernatural monster slayer, Night Hunter, drops in on them armed to the teeth, with his sights on Rodney.

Story, Script, & Letters By: Robert A. Multari
Cover Art By: Carlos Herrera
Page Illustration By: Carlos Herrera
Page Colors By: Gat Melvyn
Editing: Ryan Rotuna

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

1 review for Night Wolf #4 Digital

  1. Ivan Ruiz (verified owner)

    Man this issue had me at my seat. Things unravel and things are added that make you go boom in your head! That is a good thing because you know this series is definitely a hit. I do not want to miss the continuation and you won’t want to miss it either after reading. Now I am anxious to read more. I got that Lycanthrope fever now. I love how we are teased a coming soon Snow Paw origins, I can’t wait. I am so thrilled to see more in the near future and really happy I came across Night Wolf on Kickstarter. Definitely a must read for everyone especially those ware-wolf and supernatural/fantasy reading fans.

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