Night Wolf Volume 1 Virgin Variant


The Night Wolf Volume 1 Virgin Variant Soft Cover is a standard American comic size printed on high-quality paper, featuring cover art by Chris Williams, Jake Isenberg, and Gat Melvyn

This trade paperback collects the first four issues of Night Wolf, 16 new pages of story and features extra bonus content making this book over 150 pages of story and gorgeous art!


Born into the outcast breed of werewolves known as the Monoki, eighteen-year-old Rodney Marcelli is reluctantly thrown into an ancient war between good and evil in today’s world where the line has blurred. With the help of Snow Paw, the Pureblood Monoki, and the supernatural evil slayer, Night Hunter, Rod must learn to master his newly found lycanthropy and mysterious kinetic energy power that only he possesses. Rod must fight the Dark Covenant in order to avenge his friends and family, and to save the girl he loves from the master vampire, Lord Malice. Rodney Marcelli is Night Wolf!

Story, Script, & Letters By: Robert A. Multari
Cover Art By: Carlos Herrera
Page Illustration By: Carlos Herrera & Bokuman Studio
Page Colors By: Gat Melvyn, Carlos Herrera & Ross A. Campbell
Editing: Ryan Rotuna
Chapter 1 Epilogue By: Tyler James
Chapter 2 Prologue By: Madeleine Holly-Rosing
Chapter 3 Epilogue By: Travis Gibb
Chapter 4 Interlude By: Kevin Joseph

Soft Cover Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 152

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